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What we offer 

At Natural, we offer day time support Monday-Friday. We are passionate about helping our service users to lead a healthy and happy life through a person-centered approach. 
We encourage healthy life choices to suit each individual in order to boost general wellbeing. We encourage regular activities in the community such as going to the gym, swimming, hiking and trampolining. These activities enable our clients to both stay in shape and keep up valuable social communication skills. We also spend a lot of time at our small community farm where there are always plenty of learning and volunteering opportunities.
Our service includes support throughout the day, pick ups and drop offs from home/residential care and travel to and from activities in the community.
We offer our service from Monday - Friday and can arrange pick up and drop off. 
Our service users are generally with us for an 8 hour day, Monday-Friday. Pick up and drop off times can be arranged to suit their needs (e.g, if Parents start work at 9am, we can arrange the pick up time for 8.30am).
For further questions or enquiries on available spaces please email us at or give us a call at 07771 813391.
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