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ABOUT  Natural 

Here at Natural, we aim to provide a truly person-centred environment where individuals in our care can thrive. We strongly believe in really getting to know our clients in order to work out the best way to help them move forward and be happy in life. 

We understand that our mental health can be directly impacted by our physical wellbeing. People, particularly those coping with Autism and other learning difficulties, can be dramatically affected be getting too little outdoor and active time and too much processed food - often high in sugar and low in nutrients. We have found that these factors can drastically increase irritability and unvented energy, often resulting in a increased chance of so-called 'challenging behaviours'.

Of course, it can prove difficult to change our habits and this can be more challenging for individuals with Autism who often thrive on the security of routine - frequently extending to foods which are favourites or feel safe for the individual. We understand this and do what we can to encourage healthy new habits in a way to suit each individual that we care for - building up trust and keeping a relaxed and stress free environment where these changes don't feel so big and scary and, most importantly, are not forced or coerced. It may take a little longer than intensive 'programs' but a genuine choice is a choice that is far more likely to be made again individually. 

Our mission is simple - we believe that through encouraging a healthier, calmer way of living, we can help to increase happiness, reduce stress and improve the lives of our clients. 

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